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Michigan Read By Grade Three Law

Watch the videos and read the article listed below to understand this law and why it is important for parents.

Read By Grade Three (2 min video)
Third Grade Reading Facts (article from Michigan Dept. of Education)
Good Cause Exemption Information (Michigan Dept. of Education Fact Sheet)
Michigan’s Standardized Testing (PowerPoint timeline of tests k-12)

Top Ten Early Literacy Essentials

Developing your child’s reading skills begins at birth. Parents need to understand the role they play in their child’s education. The State of Michigan created the Top Ten Early Literacy Essentials to improve children’s reading scores. Research suggests that each of the 10 practices outlined in the document below can have a positive impact on children.

The use of these practices in every home or preschool every day can make a positive difference in the state’s literacy achievement. Please read through the two documents attached below. One is for Birth-3 and the other Preschool top 10 Essentials published by the Michigan Department of Education.

Top Ten Early Literacy Essentials- Birth-3 years old
Top Ten Early Literacy Essentials- Pre Kindergarten

Parent Education- Google Classrooms

While we are no longer offering an incentive for completing the work, the information below is still WONDERFUL.  We had excellent reviews from those who have taken these Google classes.   Feel free to watch the videos and read the articles below!

Raise a Reader- Part 1: Parent Education Google Classroom Event- April 2021 & September 2021

 Introduction: Early Literacy Skills video (5 min video)
 Language & Communication: 0-3 Language and Communication (5 min video)
  Language & Literacy Development in Preschoolers (Scholastic Article)
 Reading Aloud: Reading to a Toddler (3 min video)
  Reading Aloud to your 2-year-old (PBS Article)
  Reading for Ages 3-5 (Scholastic Article)
  How to Read Out Loud with Your Preschooler (4 min video)
  Reading Aloud Tips for Parents (Reading Rockets Article)
 School Readiness: Zero to Three School Readiness (4.5 min video) 
  Skills kids need going into Kindergarten (article)
  School Ready Child (Infographic)
 Screentime: Screentime Tips for your Child (article)
 Michigan’s Read by Grade 3 Law: Read by Grade 3 (1 min video)

Raise a Reader- Part 2: Parent Education Google Classroom Event – May 2021 & October 2021

 Introduction: What you do Matters (2 min video)
  What is “Literacy” and How to Read with Your Child (article)
 Milestones:  Early Literacy Milestones (4 min video)
  Literacy Tips Across Ages: 24-36 Months (3 min video)
  Reading Milestones (article)
  Early Literacy Skills (5 min video)
  Early Literacy Activities (use the menu on the left) (articles)
 Activities for children 0-2: How to Introduce Baby to Books (Parents Magazine Article)
  Bringing Up Baby (6 min video)
  Tips for Reading to Babies (Reading Rockets Article)
  Talking Tennis- How to have Conversations with your Baby (2 min video)
  How to Get Toddlers to Sit and Read with You (6 min video)
  PodCast Episode- First Things First (28 min audio)
  Reading Activities for Ages 0-2 (Scholastic Article)
  How to Share Books with 12-14-Month-Olds (Healthy Children Article)
  How to Share Books with Your 15 to 17 Month Old (Healthy Children Article)
  How to Share Books with Your 18 to 23 Month Old (Healthy Children Article)
 Activities for children 2-3: Alphabet Chart 
  9 Tips for Reading to a Busy Toddler (Article)
  Tips for Parents of Toddlers (Reading Rocket Article)
  How to Read an E-Book with your Child (Reading Rocket Article)
  Busy Toddler Blog- Full of wonderful Literacy Activities
 Activities for children 3-5: Resources for Pre-K (article)
  Nell Duke- How to Correctly Teach Letter Sounds (6 min video)
  Play-Based Activities That Build Reading Readiness (Edutopia article)
  Children’s Book Crafts (article)
  Story Stones (article)
  5 Fun Literacy and Reading Games your Child will Love (article)
  Parent Guide to Reading for Ages 3-5 (Scholastic Article)
  Wordless Picture Books (Reading Rocket Article)
 Literacy Songs: Alphabet In My Mouth (Reading Rocket 1.5 min video)
  Zoo-phonics At Home (10.5 min video)
 Syllables: Syllable Counting (1 min video)
  Syllable Blending (12.5 min video)
  Letter Names (Reading Rocket video 16 min video)
 Writing: Stages of Emergent Writing Chart (article)
  Correct Pencil Grip (1.5 min video)