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Should You Be Concerned About Your Child’s Development or Health?

Most Parents wonder at times if their child is growing and developing like other children.  If you think that your child’s growth, learning, or social skills are not the same as those of other children the same age, the sooner you check it out the better.  Don’t worry, but don’t wait!

Here are some tips to help you decide if you should ask for help:

By 3 months…Does your baby… 


  • roll from side to side?
  • play with her hands?
  • laugh out loud?
  • show interest in faces?

By 12 months… Does your baby…

  • stand alone for at least 2 seconds?
  • drink from a cup with help?
  • wave bye-bye?
  • use a few words like “mama” and “dada”?
  • sleep through the night?
  • play games with you like “peek-a-boo”?
By 6 months… Does your baby…


  • sit up with little support?
  • pass things from one hand to the other?
  • like to be touched and held?
  • listen and respond when spoken to?

By 24 months… Does your toddler…

  • walk and run well?
  • ask for things by name?
  • use two or three words together?
  • handle a spoon well?
  • get along with other children?

The first three years of a baby’s life are very important, but babies grow and learn at different rates.  If you have questions about how your child is developing, or if you think that your child might need extra help, call Early On.

Early On helps families get the services and supports they need for their children.  We believe that parents know what is best for their families.  At Early On, we listen to you.  You will find friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable people who will talk to you about your concerns and arrange for an evaluation.  If the evaluation shows that your child needs help, we’ll tell you how to get that help.

If you have questions or would like to talk to someone about your concerns, please contact Early On at (906) 863-5665, ext. 1029 for free information about your child’s development and Early On services.  We’ll help you help your baby!

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