Great Parents Great Start

Come play with us!!

The Menominee County ISD is pleased to provide the Great Parent Great Start program to families with children birth to five, living in Menominee County. The foundation for the home visits is the curriculum from Parents as Teachers.  You are your child’s first and most important teacher.  Through home visits, our goal is to provide you with the information, support and encouragement you need to help your child develop to his/her full potential during the crucial early years of life. 

 Summer Playgroup Schedule 2018– PDF Version

Playgroups are for Menominee County families with children ages birth to five.  These groups are held year round at Spies Public Library and Swings n’ Things Park.  


 Following is a brief description of what Great Parents Great Start is all about:


Great Parents Great Start Home Visit Program:

  •      10 weekly FREE home visits to families with children birth to five
  •      Topics for the home visits are based on the individual needs of the family with support from the Parents as Teachers curriculum
  •      Visits are scheduled around the family’s schedule

Possible home visit topics include:  discipline techniques, child development, fun activities to do with your child, health and safety, nutrition, literacy and community resources.

Interested? Contact Mary Bauer at 863-5665 ext. 1018


  • Playgroups are for children ages birth to five and their parents/care givers.  Groups are held 2-3 times per month at Spies Public Library.  During favorable weather, the group meets at Swings n’ Things Park across from the library.   Join us on Mondays from 10:30am-noon to play, socialize and eat a healthy snack.
  • See below for Menominee play group schedule:


For more information about the Great Parents Great Start Program, please call the Menominee County ISD at  906-863-5665 ext. 1018